Our commitment to the environment

At Can Bayre we are committed to developing our business activity with the utmost respect for the surroundings and the environment. We are especially concerned about preserving this magnificent environment that is the Empordà and our goal is to cause the least possible environmental impact.

We have energy and natural resource saving systems: the sanitary water is solar powered and the lighting is energy efficient. There are still some light bulbs to be changed but soon they will all be energy efficient.

We use paper with a high recycled paper content and whenever possible it is reused.

We bought most of our breakfast products in the village establishments.

We recycle waste.

The La Chinata hospitality products in the bathrooms are refilled before replacing the bottles.

The windows are double glazed throughout the house, which allows for better thermal insulation.

The exterior lights operate on a timer that in the summer months is programmed from 9 pm to 1 am.